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Personal and organizational change take root when people uncover their talents and motivations. Through a distinctive coaching style that inspires reflection and learning through purposeful conversations, Scott’s clients challenge their assumptions and forge pathways towards success. They make better decisions. They bravely pursue change. They are adaptive and agile. They motivate their teams. They execute plans with vision and vigor. They have confidence and believe in themselves.

What You Can Expect


Focused inquiry that draws from personal and professional experiences


Ability to navigate obstacles and challenges by understanding motivations, roadblocks, and aspirations


New confidence to become a high performing, effective and goal-oriented leader 


Realize true potential and gain tactical skills to elevate work production to the next level



Develop a set of plans that will put a team on the road to  achieving success

Specialized Training and Coaching Offerings

Scott's career in Talent Development has given him extensive experience and knowledge on how to recruit, hire and train thousands of job candidates and hiring managers. Scott has led search processes and successfully trained candidates on how to interview for success and negotiate with confidence. Through his unique and customized coaching approach, job seekers and interviewers will learn how to be at their best when making these life-changing decisions. 

Achieve your highest potential by taking this accurate workplace assessment followed by an individual coaching consultation and a full team report. 


This equips you to:

  • Better understand yourself and others and learn tips on how to adapt to others behavioral styles

  • Increase your knowledge of how you respond to conflict, identify stressors and how you and others resolve problems

  • Recognize the communication needs of individuals and team members

Leaders hold the sacred keys to the castle. They should hire the best talent that not only meets the job requirements, but matches their organization's culture. 

Together, clients will:

  • Know and convey core competencies needed for success

  • Identify power questions to critically assess candidate potential 

  • Learn how to choreograph the interview experience from beginning to end and sell the job to top candidates 

Through a professional coaching process, clients will evaluate aspects of their lives to find the best fit to fulfill the life and career they are seeking.

Together, clients will:

  • Determine how job responsibilities align with interests and experience 

  • Discover what matters most to meet personal needs, geographic preferences and lifestyle interests

  • Receive constructive and critical feedback on how to effectively share their story and own the interviewing space



DiSC Workplace Profile

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